Experience Meets Enthusiasm

The demands on a modern drummer are greater than ever before. Versatility, creativity, touch, dynamics and coordination are all prized attributes of the world's best drummers. In a swing or jazz setting, the drummer is asked to keep time, control dynamics and listen to the other 17 players all while keeping 4 limbs coordinated in anything from a medium paced Latin rhythm, a slow 3/4 waltz to a fast swing/shuffle.

It took me many years to realize that much of the reason many of the better rock drummers were as good as they are was due to the study and mastering of other genre such as Latin and swing.

Therefore course work is a guided study path that provides drummers with the foundational information they need to be an effective, expressive, drummer; as well as the specific skill set necessary to excel in a particular style such as rock, funk, swing or R&B.

I am no stranger to lessons, I currently study with one of the world's best percussionist and kit players. I spend some of my time with him, reviewing my student’s lessons, ensuring I am teaching correctly and effectively. As with a top tennis instructor or swim coach, you earn the ability to train and be coached by them. The best instructors rarely teach beginner and intermediate students. As you progress there will be a time when perhaps I do not hold the same value for you. However, if you are just starting out or looking to get back into playing, I can provide many years of relevant instruction, always with a deep level of passion for music and a love to play drums.

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